Effective Practice and Feedback in Calculus I


Joint work and talk with Kristin Camenga, who teaches the calculus class metioned below.

Description: Research strongly suggests that students learn better when they practice the concepts in homework and get feedback on their practice. Given the limited amount of time for students to practice and instructors to give feedback, what types of practice and feedback are most effective for students, providing the most learning for the time spent? We will share preliminary results from a Spring 2018 Calculus I class where three different types of practice and feedback were used. The corresponding exams and surveys were used to judge effectiveness of each method. Homework options included online homework where students input only the answers and are told only if their answer is right or wrong, textbook homework where students can self-check the solution, or teacher-created homework that was graded by a teaching assistant. This study will be continued with another Calculus I class in Spring 2019 and suggestions for implementation will be solicited.