Bacterial Community Dynamics in Dichloromethane-Contaminated Groundwater Undergoing Natural Attenuation.

Published in Frontiers in Microbiology, 2017

Joint work with Gina Lamendella and many others

Recommended citation: "Bacterial Community Dynamics in Dichloromethane-Contaminated Groundwater Undergoing Natural Attenuation.", Wright Justin, Kirchner Veronica, Bernard William, Ulrich Nikea, McLimans Christopher, Campa Maria F., Hazen Terry, Macbeth Tamzen, Marabello David, McDermott Jacob, Mackelprang Rachel, Roth Kimberly, Lamendella Regina. Frontiers in Microbiology, Volume 8, 2017.

Assessing clicker examples versus board examples in Calculus

Published in PRIMUS, 2012

The combination of classroom voting system (clicker) questions and peer instruction has been shown to increase student learning. While implementations in large lectures have been around for a while, mathematics has been increasingly using clickers in classes of a smaller size. In Fall 2008, I conducted an experiment to measure the effect of clickers on exam performance. The experiment was conducted with two sections of Calculus 1, using the same examples either on the board or with clickers. By comparing only the lower-performing students in the sections and alternating use of the clicker between sections, I was able to obtain modestly significant results showing improved exam performance for low-performing students, despite a small sample size.

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Julia Sets that are Full of Holes

Published in Mathematical Intellegencer, 2008

A Julia set is a type of fractal. We will explore the idea of a Julia set which is full of holes, or porous. The idea of porosity will lead to ways to understand the complexity of the sets in terms of whether they take up space, and in terms of dimension.

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